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How Was Your Week?

I thought to share the below process and discipline that many high performing Sales Professionals and Leaders follow. It relates to self-awareness firstly and the ability to reset and focus quickly. I have also included something a little personal. At the end of each week, I lock in my schedule before the end the day and will ask myself the below questions and then rate between 1 to 10. The purpose of the self-review is to keep me on track with what’s important.

Here are the questions I use, you may choose to change to suit your own personal growth or aspirations. Did my mindset and behaviour this week align with the outcome or goals I am working towards? 1 -10 This could relate to both business and personal. I.e.; poor attitude at work will not likely result in a promotion, or if I am aiming to reduce weight eating loads of sugar definitely will not align. Did I do what I said I was going to do? 1-10 Cutting the BS and being self-accountable in what I need to focus on, again both in business and personal. Did I treat those around me with respect and kindness? 1-10 Placing my emotions where they belong instead of displacing them onto others. Unfortunately, when we face stress or discomfort, we may displace this emotion on ones close to us, or those who may not be in a position to defend due to fear of consequences. At the end of the week, I will reflect on each of the above and re-set. Now let’s face it, we can’t control all things in life or challenges that come our way, but I will share with you something personal that allows me to put things into perspective, overcome and re-set. Everyone will have a challenge that they have overcome, and this is often a great re-set trigger. When facing challenges, I reflect on the below as a trigger to re-set and focus on what’s important.

Something personal that triggers to re-set on what’s important and overcome challenges:

On the 18th of August 1989 I had a serious car accident. I ended up in (ICU) critical care for 3 to 4 weeks and in a Coma. The injuries were as below;

• Fractured Skull

• Fractured neck vertebrae’s 5 & 6

• Broken Jaw in four places

• Paralyzed lip

• Broker collarbone

• Punctured lung

• Ruptured Spleen

• Damage to the left kidney

• Broken Femur in two places

​I then spent around 3 months in traction with a Halo bolted into my skull, looking at a hospital ceiling all day flat on my back. I wish we had Facebook back then, it would it would have helped pass the time.

Over the next 2 years, various operations and obstacles took place and slow recovery.

So that’s a bit of a personal story. It is my own personal go-to when I need to reset.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced and how did you overcome?

If you would like coaching or elevation in performance for your team or self, simply reach out to me directly and I would be happy to share some tools, and insights into my performance elevation programs.

Be kind to yourself and those around you.


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